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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Philippine MGS4 pre-orders now being taken

There's no denying that the anticipation level for Konami Digital Entertainment's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is off the charts. Pinoy gamers, like their foreign PS3-owning counterparts, are feeling the fever, and are already discussing how to get the game as early as possible.

Games usually take a few days to hit our shores, but one particular deal offers to deliver MGS4 on or a day after June 12. We spotted a post from servo101 over at the PinoyPSX forums taking in reservations from interested parties.

The poster is offering his copies of MGS4 at the relatively low price of Php 2,600 a piece. These units will be brand new and sealed, although it's still uncertain as to what region they'll be coming from.

You can see the post from servo101 for yourself by following the link we provided below. You must have an active Pinoy PSX ID to be able to go to the thread and interact with the community.

We'll keep you posted for updates on this promising deal.

Via: Pinoy PSX

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