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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Actual gamer wins Playboy Cyber Girl award

Jo Garcia could very well be the hottest legit girl gamer since forever. After answering a few questions following her victory in Playboy's online-only Cyber Girl Of The Year search, we find it hard to believe she's just trying as hard as Ubisoft's Frag Dolls to be real.

Garcia is one of those gals who'd say gamers aren't just geeks. What really sets her apart, though, aside from being a Playboy model is her genuine experience with actual games that aren't Diner Dash or Bejewelled. "I love RPGs that tell stories," she said before naming Final Fantasy, Radiata Stories, and the Xenosaga installments as favorites.

To quote:

I like those games because they have a lot of sidequests. You can build up your character doing small things. I'm 100 hours into FFXII and I'm not even done with the game yet. I'm doing all the hunts and the sidequests - I'm probably a third into the game and my guys are at level 60. I hold my characters high so when I go through the game it's a lot easier.
If you don't believe she's not just making that up, we dare you to contest her encounters with Final Fantasy XII's ultimate weapon. Here's what she had to say about the Zodiac Spear:
I actually got the Zodiac Spear the first time I played it... you have to go through hell to get that spear, but I happened to get it the first time because someone told me about it. You can't open certain boxes, but then you have to go through and fight that nasty esper at the end... I died three times before I actually beat it.

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