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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

MGS4 product placement solid

Hideo Kojima has established himself as a man with more than a few surprises, but we were still caught off guard with the revelation of serious product placements in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. We're not just talking CalorieMate, because even the wildly popular Apple iPod will grace the PlayStation 3 exclusive.

At the press event which recently highlighted Japan's Roppongi Hills, Konami and Kojima Productions unloaded the goods that Snake will interact with. These include an in-game iPod - a gadget the legendary hero will use to put on some music. The next big item is Regain, an energy drink prominent enough in Japan to warrant its own MGS-flavored commercial.

Other real world items we're going to see in MGS4 are somewhat stylish choices, such as Triumph motorcycles (same brand Tom Cruise used in Mission Impossible) and trendy Japanese phones. To top it all is the presence of bombshell idol Akina Minami who'll only turn 19 this May 15. Unfortunately, unlike other products in the game, she doesn't have a price tag in 3D nor in real life.

You probably already want proof, so here's the Regain trailer. Find screenshots here.

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