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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Doom 4 officially emerges

Admittedly, calling on another Doom title is much like saying the moon will certainly turn full. Not to say we're not psyched, though, because hardcore fans need the ground-breaking first-person shooter's legacy to go on. With that said, in case you're yet to catch my drift, id Software has announced Doom 4.

To be exact, id Software stated Doom 4 is currently in production and the company is currently working to expand the staff in charge of crafting the game. Unfortunately, everything is still under the dark as no target platforms nor release window were mentioned.

Speculations suggest id Tech 5 technology will power Doom 4, which is pretty logical considering id tagged the Doom 3 engine as id Tech 4. We saw the beast run the unreleased racing title Rage with solid frame rate even when rendered in insane resolution, leaving us excited to see the BFG9000 blasting demons next-gen style.

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