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Monday, December 29, 2008

Joey Yap's Feng Shui seminar in Melbourne for 2009

Melbournians will soon have the opportunity to see globally-renowned Feng Shui expert JOEY YAP present a one-day Feng Shui seminar on Saturday 21st February 2009 – teaching audiences how to thrive and flourish and achieve success, happiness and fulfilment in the Year of the Earth Ox! At this Feng Shui seminar, you will discover: The ASTROLOGICAL FORECAST & FENG SHUI AFFLICATIONS for the year; How you can apply simple and effective CLASSICAL FENG SHUI techniques to your home or office without the need of any costly ornaments or objects; How CHINESE ASTROLOGY reveals your strengths and opportunities, and how you can then apply this knowledge to enhance your wealth and career prospects; How you can use DATE SELECTION to achieve greater success in your personal and professional endeavours; How simple FACE READING principles can be applied to improve communication and strengthen the bonds with the important people in your life. AN EVENT NOT TO BE MISSED!


Crown Promenade
8 Whiteman Street
Southbank 3006
Show on the map
Promenade 1 Room

Contact details

Tel.:08 9467 3626

Date & times

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Registration opens from 8:30 am

How to get there

Trams and buses: Metlink


Early bird price (until 31st Jan 2009): $38 Regular price (until 20th Feb 2009): $68 Door price (21st Feb 2009): $98


Bookings available via

Tel: 08 9467 3626

Payment Types:




Payment method accepted




All major cards

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Outsourcing BPO call | HR Human Resources | Web Development | Business Process Outsourcing BPO Company | Labour Hire Service

BPO Call or Business Process Outsourcing is powering businesses all over the world. This breakthrough in the human resource field is made possible by today's communications technology. It presents big advantages for both employers and employees. Companies can save money while foreign staff earn more than what they normally make.

Source: RemoteStaff

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jamie McIntyre Free Wealth Creation DVD available in Wealthy

Jamie McIntyre Free Wealth Creation DVD available in Wealthy: "Jamie McIntyre Wealth Creation DVD from 21st Century Academy. Order the free DVD for free and complement it with the Free Downloadable Ebook. Start learning how to invest in the stock market. Invest in real estate. Financial freedom is the key to getting rich"

Here is the beginning of my post. And here is the rest of it in WealthyWays

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Jamie McIntyre Free Wealth Creation DVD available in Wealthy

Jamie McIntyre Free Wealth Creation DVD available in Wealthy: "Jamie McIntyre Wealth Creation DVD from 21st Century Academy. Order the free DVD for free and complement it with the Free Downloadable Ebook. Start learning how to invest in the stock market. Invest in real estate. Financial freedom is the key to getting rich"

Here is the beginning of my post. And here is the rest of it.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Actual gamer wins Playboy Cyber Girl award

Jo Garcia could very well be the hottest legit girl gamer since forever. After answering a few questions following her victory in Playboy's online-only Cyber Girl Of The Year search, we find it hard to believe she's just trying as hard as Ubisoft's Frag Dolls to be real.

Garcia is one of those gals who'd say gamers aren't just geeks. What really sets her apart, though, aside from being a Playboy model is her genuine experience with actual games that aren't Diner Dash or Bejewelled. "I love RPGs that tell stories," she said before naming Final Fantasy, Radiata Stories, and the Xenosaga installments as favorites.

To quote:

I like those games because they have a lot of sidequests. You can build up your character doing small things. I'm 100 hours into FFXII and I'm not even done with the game yet. I'm doing all the hunts and the sidequests - I'm probably a third into the game and my guys are at level 60. I hold my characters high so when I go through the game it's a lot easier.
If you don't believe she's not just making that up, we dare you to contest her encounters with Final Fantasy XII's ultimate weapon. Here's what she had to say about the Zodiac Spear:
I actually got the Zodiac Spear the first time I played it... you have to go through hell to get that spear, but I happened to get it the first time because someone told me about it. You can't open certain boxes, but then you have to go through and fight that nasty esper at the end... I died three times before I actually beat it.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

MGS4 product placement solid

Hideo Kojima has established himself as a man with more than a few surprises, but we were still caught off guard with the revelation of serious product placements in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. We're not just talking CalorieMate, because even the wildly popular Apple iPod will grace the PlayStation 3 exclusive.

At the press event which recently highlighted Japan's Roppongi Hills, Konami and Kojima Productions unloaded the goods that Snake will interact with. These include an in-game iPod - a gadget the legendary hero will use to put on some music. The next big item is Regain, an energy drink prominent enough in Japan to warrant its own MGS-flavored commercial.

Other real world items we're going to see in MGS4 are somewhat stylish choices, such as Triumph motorcycles (same brand Tom Cruise used in Mission Impossible) and trendy Japanese phones. To top it all is the presence of bombshell idol Akina Minami who'll only turn 19 this May 15. Unfortunately, unlike other products in the game, she doesn't have a price tag in 3D nor in real life.

You probably already want proof, so here's the Regain trailer. Find screenshots here.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Snake's past revisited

Here's the other video that made Gametrailers a blast to visit today. On the spot is none other than Metal Gear, a series more popular among us Pinoy gamers. Seemingly inspired by a fan-made retrospective which recently went online, GT came up with an in-depth look at Solid Snake's past.

For hardcore fans of Hideo Kojima's works like us here at GamerTotoy, the intensive feature is godsend. No stones were left unturned, as everything from Kojima's earlier titles to the travesty known as the original Metal Gear's U.S. version were put to light. We don't want to spoil anything, so we'll just leave the video below for your viewing pleasure.

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Gears of War 2 gameplay debuts

The ever reliable source for video game trailers, Gametrailers, is on the roll today with two features that made me happy I jumped online. First in line is a scoop of the visceral Xbox 360 title Gears of War 2's gameplay footage. It's almost safe to say Epic Games won't disappoint after only watching a snippet of the action-packed third-person shooter.

Back at the Game Developers Conference 2008, Epic design director Cliffy Bleszinski and his crew confirmed Gears of War 2 and teased with a little tech demo showcasing how much the Unreal Engine 3 has improved. Now, we actually get to see GoW 2 in action as Marcus Fenix makes his return only to fight for his life in a locust-occupied territory. Here's to hoping you enjoy the video below!

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fight Night to make a comeback in 2009

It seems Pacquiao still has a chance to appear in video games, even after Fight Night creators EA Chicago went down under. Through press wire, Electronic Arts announced Fight Night Round 4 will be throwing punches on the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 straight from EA Canada's corner.

Bad news is, the confirmation is a little early - Fight Night Round 4 won't be out until 2009. Don't let that knock you down, though, because the positives easily outweigh the seemingly painful wait. Mike Tyson's return to the ring highlights the game's hefty list of promises.

According to EA, the upcoming fighter will stand on a new engine capable of hosting a plethora of fighting styles and demonstrating boxer differences. As such, Tyson's going to don his brawling inside style while Muhammad Ali's set to do what he does best with his superior reach, hand speed, and footwork.

In addition, Fight Night Round 4 is said to employ a "physics-based animation system that recreates the full spectrum of true-to-life punch impacts, giving boxers a devastating arsenal of punches, blocks and ring movement." Whether or not it trumps Euphoria, Tyson probably has our money.

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Doom 4 officially emerges

Admittedly, calling on another Doom title is much like saying the moon will certainly turn full. Not to say we're not psyched, though, because hardcore fans need the ground-breaking first-person shooter's legacy to go on. With that said, in case you're yet to catch my drift, id Software has announced Doom 4.

To be exact, id Software stated Doom 4 is currently in production and the company is currently working to expand the staff in charge of crafting the game. Unfortunately, everything is still under the dark as no target platforms nor release window were mentioned.

Speculations suggest id Tech 5 technology will power Doom 4, which is pretty logical considering id tagged the Doom 3 engine as id Tech 4. We saw the beast run the unreleased racing title Rage with solid frame rate even when rendered in insane resolution, leaving us excited to see the BFG9000 blasting demons next-gen style.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Totoy asks: is gaming's weaker prominence in RP a good thing?

Sometimes, I think it's actually good that our country is nowhere near the forefront of the gaming industry. When I read about controversies surrounding offensive content of M-rated titles such as Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV, I wonder if we're somehow lucky there's no MTRCB or anything policing our favorite entertainment media. Upon hearing cringe-worthy analysts trying to rain on someone's parade as if they're eager to dictate what gamers should enjoy, I learn to appreciate the fact that local broadsheets don't dabble into what game is hot or not.

Sure, it would be nice if mainstream gaming wasn't known as Counter-Strike or Ragnarok. But if the hobby made more commotion than what's already enough for mayors to be concerned about computer rental cafes and mothers worried about how their kids spend money, we'd be hampered by extra baggage.

Take Forbes' recent article about Grand Theft Auto IV potentially stealing the Wii's thunder, for example. Or the rampant speculations of Niko Bellic trumping Iron Man's silver screen appearance. The latter proved absurd, while I doubt the former has enough legs for analysts to keep such story running until the next GTA or blockbuster Wii title.

Forbes quoted the popular Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter who said GTAIV is "one of a series of good games that will each convince consumers that there is a lot of good content on the other two boxes." I say money people may know about stocks, but not what the audience wants. After all, the mockery over Nintendo's unconventional moniker for its console was quickly stifled by unprecedented sales.

To sum it up, even if we don't have high-profile midnight launch parties and ads of games on TV, maybe we're lucky enough we can enjoy our past-time in peace. Who needs publicity and finance experts stirring up troubles to spoil the fun, right?

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Totoy Gamer consumes Persona 3

I've got to confess - even with Grand Theft Auto IV sitting pretty on my Xbox 360's disc tray, yours truly wasn't able to keep his hands off Persona 3. Now that Persona 3: FES is available for public consumption, I figured I'd be a good Atlus Faithful and finish P3 before immediately taking on the sequel. What you're reading, my compatriots, is my humble review of Atlus' apocalyptic opus released back in 2007. Do spare me some points in punctuality, because I just want RPG fans out there to take a shot at the overlooked title that took me near 120 hours to finish. Without being a perfectionist, mind you.

In the light men're crossing over lone shadows
Wearing veiled slight hopes for intimacy
Talking how they've become the blue saints
Above cold ground wondering if light flows down
Labeled Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 outside Japan undoubtedly for brand recognition, this gem coming from one of the best niche game developers around is as bold as it is hardcore. It's still peppered with style, an ambiguous story and the demons we grew to love in MegaTen titles, but it breaks conventions with a huge portion of the game taking place in mundane settings such as malls, train stations, and most importantly the school.

The game kicks off when you, the typical emo kid with hair covering his face and hands in his pocket, enter a mysterious dormitory right after passing by an equally enigmatic city. If you're a fan of dark JRPGs, you'd want to see the rest for yourself. Suffice to say, the life of the character you get to name will instantly enter the unexplained territory as he joins the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad aka SEES. Not like he was easy to read in the first place.

During the day, players are required to go to school where they can forge relationships, become smarter, earn pogi points, and trick friends into wrong answers when asked by the teacher. After school it's time to hit the movies, pray in the shrine (to get smarter, again), test your courage by eating intimidating ramen, or drink pheromone coffee. You only get to indulge in one activity per afternoon, but you have almost an entire year to get acquainted with every nook and cranny of the city.

You'll meet this guy in Persona 3: FES, or the Japanese Persona 3

At night, the real fun starts. Your hero and his dorm mates are actually Persona users - folks who shoot themselves in the head with the "evoker" to summon their inner selves. When the clock hits 12, the Dark Hour takes place and a tower called Tartarus emerges. Unlucky souls join "the Lost" during that period, which consequently put them in a coma-like state dubbed the Apathy Syndrome. As you would've guessed, it's your crew's duty to uncover the secrets behind this phenomenon.

It's in Tartarus where you battle demons, train your inner beings, and create new ones. Come to think of it, it's amazing how I was able to conjure a stable of over a hundred personae by starting with one then fusing it with only a handful I caught in battle during the first few hours. Anyway, P3's combat is true to the turn-based MegaTen core. There are different attack types and elemental attributes to exploit, and when you're able to knock all opposing critters down by picking on their weaknesses, it's possible to execute a powerful all-out attack.

If there's one thing that can hinder the dungeon-crawling fun, it's the repetitive nature of Tartarus. The tower stands over 250 floors tall where you'd be spending time getting across one randomly generated area after another. However, Atlus didn't just slack off and make the game a borefest. Characters get tired after several battles depending on their levels, and the downtime is nothing short of entertaining. After all, when you're outside Tartarus, you'll be interacting with everyone in town.

All-out Attack!

One major element in Persona 3 is the Social Link System, which players utilize to gain better results during fusion. As you go with your everyday life, different NPCs with unique personalities can become friends. Each of them represent an arcana, meaning working on a Social Link boosts your ability to create the corresponding set of personae. Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne offered humor off conversations with demons, while P3 does the same using schoolmates and other acquaintances. To give you a fairly good idea, the game is complete with the MMO junky and runaway girl available for some friendly chatting.

It may seem you have a lot of options, but I must note that the plot's unveiling is fairly linear. Moon phases from MegaTen games are intact, and major events periodically happen when the moon is full. Before the calendar hits that sweet spot, you have the time to talk to everyone in the city, learn more about the Apathy Syndrome, and occasionally train in Tartarus. Each month can be considered an episode or a chapter, since summer isn't exactly the same as Christmas. The story revolves around the coma-inducing plague, but you still join field trips, take exams, and go on dates. Personally, I don't think it ever grows old.

Still not intrigued? Let's just say Persona 3 is an entire package loaded with addictive grinding, amusing social interactions, robust fusing system, fast-paced combat, challenging bosses - you know, usual MegaTen stuff. For me, it doesn't rank up to SMT: Nocturne due to archetypal characters and less cutthroat progression (a positive for the not-so-hardcore), but 120 hours of playtime say it's pretty darn close.

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Grand Theft Auto IV R1 copies hit the metro today

Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar North Rocked the world last April 29th when they launched their cross-platform juggernaut Grand Theft Auto IV for the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360. Pinoy gamers were waiting on the wings for their copies, but not everyone was able to secure a slice of the game.

If you have a PS3 and you still don't own a copy, today is your lucky day. may 6th marks the arrival of GTA IV US version copies at the Greenhills Shopping Center, Market Market, and The Maze. A post over at TipidPC shows that these babies will fly off shelves at the cost of Php 3,000 a pop.

According to TPC poster micaiah, their stock of R1 GTA IVs will be available in the following stores today, May 6th:

  • Game One Gadget Store, 3rd Lower Level, Shoppesville Plus, Shopesville, Greenhills
  • Mr. Dynamic Telecoms, 3RD Floor VMall (beside golden sound infront of tca computer) Greenhills
  • I-TECH (Market Market), 4th Floor (beside olympic village) Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
  • I-TECH, 3rd FLoor The Maze, Ayala Center Cebu
Best of luck in your quest to roam free in Liberty City!

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Philippine MGS4 pre-orders now being taken

There's no denying that the anticipation level for Konami Digital Entertainment's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is off the charts. Pinoy gamers, like their foreign PS3-owning counterparts, are feeling the fever, and are already discussing how to get the game as early as possible.

Games usually take a few days to hit our shores, but one particular deal offers to deliver MGS4 on or a day after June 12. We spotted a post from servo101 over at the PinoyPSX forums taking in reservations from interested parties.

The poster is offering his copies of MGS4 at the relatively low price of Php 2,600 a piece. These units will be brand new and sealed, although it's still uncertain as to what region they'll be coming from.

You can see the post from servo101 for yourself by following the link we provided below. You must have an active Pinoy PSX ID to be able to go to the thread and interact with the community.

We'll keep you posted for updates on this promising deal.

Via: Pinoy PSX

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Welcome to GamerTotoy!

Ever felt that the Philippines is hardly ever given attention when people online talk about videogames? Do you sometimes feel that game companies think about what gamers in the US, Japan, and Europe want, but us Filipinos never have a say in it? We have, and we're doing something about it.

In the seventh generation of game consoles, us Filipinos have caught on to the bandwagon faster than most people would think. We have a solid community of gamers avidly posting their views in forums, be they local or international.

We in GamerTotoy felt, however, that something was missing. While forums are doing very well, there's no single dominant news blog or site that caters to the Pinoy gamer's need for news on a daily basis.

That's where we come in. We're a team of bloggers committed to making a difference in the Pinoy gaming scene. Starting today, we'll be posting console and PC gaming news relevant and useful to us here in the Philippines. We'll also be doing features, reviews, FAQs, and other posts which will be done in a way that's best described as 'sariling atin."

Here's to Filipino gamers! Happy reading!

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